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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  January 19, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> this is the fox report, tonight americans taken hostage. some kill some escaped in a bp oil plant in algeria. we can tell you now the jell algerian military has control of that plant . thousands of people in rallies and cities in the country expressing support for the constitution, more pacificly the right to bear arms. the second amendment taking center stage as activist declare today as gun appreciation day. >> gun control affects the
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good guys. bad guys are not affected by gun control. you tell them you can't have an assault weapon they say go to hell . the message to president obama on the eve of his second term . also with inauguration fever gripping the nation's capitol a new twist over the battle of spending your tax dollars . a showdown looming between the congress and president on the debt ceil tonight how majority of the americans think that the problem should be solved. >> and hot cars. fox reports from what is billed as the greatest collector car auction. i am harris falker. we start with americans held captive taken by terrorist in the bp oil plant inside of gerl -- algeria. some of our people have been breaking free of the evil
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captor and that siege in the oil plant is over. we can now confirm the algerian army stormed the complex and ended the siege. president obama stands ready to provide the assistance for gerl - algeria in the aftermath. so many conflicting reports as we got word of the terrorist attack. we know that lives have been lost, but the question is how many. defense secretary leon pan nela speaking today. >> since 9/11 we made clear that, that nobody is going to attack the united states of america and get away with it . for that reason we have made a commitment that we are going to go after al-qaida wherever they are and wherever they try to hide . we have done that. obviously in afghanistan, in pakistan, we have done in
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somalia and yemen and we will do it in north africa as well >> also tonight some of the rescued hostages are starting to talk publicly about it. one man from romania said he heard gunshots outside of his office on wednesday. >> they started to shoot guys in the gate. they came inside of the hostage buildings and start to take hostages and i barricaded myself with another colleague of mine. >> so many questions of how they gained access so quickly. the oil company said it spans 7 acres and mined with explosives with the militants planing to blow it up. greg, what do we know about the people who survived and the people who died now that
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the operation is over. >> it was apparently a nasty end. algeria security forces moved in today when it looked like the hostages were going to be executed by the mill tans. still a lot of people died on all sides . over all in the four-day siege all 32 militants invold were killed. but they also admit 23 hostages and including many foreigners were killed. tonight uk and norway and japan said many of the citizens are unaccounted for . as for the americans, we spoke with the state department and they are not talking number. a texas man died of a heart attack in the siege, we have reported that we believe that five americans were freed, escaped and that two as of last night, were still being held . reuters new agency said two americans were freed today but
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we have no confirmation of that, harris. >> greg, there has been criticism about the fact that america was not aloud to go in and rescue their own people. what about the way the algeria army handled this. >> the forces were critized for too heavy hand not giving advance warning. secretary panetta here in london was asked this. he said different countries deal with terror in different ways. with al-qaida and the islamic group that claimed responsibility for the action, still a big threat in north africa and fought by france with help from the u.s. and others in the neighboring african country in mali . president obama, the words sounded like a preview. we will continue to work with
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our partners, to combat the scourge of terrorism in that region. more to come, harris. >> you answered my second part of the question of what happens now. we look forward to hearing. and jerl sits next to mali. the pentagon answered calls from france to help fight. but now african leaders france wants them to fight to take over for the french forces to root out terrorist in mali, it seems like they need money, plan ammunition among them. the u.s. has been giving intelience information and logistical support to the french. the french war planes are bombing the rebel bases. the intervention started last week. >> here at home debate over
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gun control heating up. second for -- support for the second amendment. pro gun groups are urging americans to show up at gun stores and ranges to show support for gun ownership. brand new fox polling show overwhelming support. the last fox news poll only 28 percent of the people believe that banning crimes would reduce croim. 58 percent said less violent crime if more law-abiding citizens had guns . all of this when the president laid out the most aggressive gun control in decadesment katherine has more in virginia. >> thank you, harris and here in clarks brother. this is one of the first momes of relative silence. we saw throughout the day,
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parking lot packed and lines in the gun range. many came here to clark brothers because they wanted to show solidarity for the gun ownership . believe in the sanctity of the second amendment. others had an open mind and would support new rules to raise the age . others say the obama administration is targeting the wrong people. >> we have so much decisiveness from the administration is a whole group of people to sit down and try to figure out how can we reverse and turn it around and this is actually a fabulous thing. we are supporting the second amendment. >> it would have to be tougher enforcement in order to get a weapon . maybe if the shot gun age is pushed up and pistols and handguns are pushed up farther that would be a good idea.
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>> a gun owner that was not videotaped, he shared with us that he wanted to put the issue of gun second amendment and he questioned the wisdom of tinkering with the constitution and basic american rights and this was not a road ma that most americans would go down. >> you have heard them talk about the divisiveness in washington . how are gun sales? well, the information we had here was antido thal. but gun sales, i mean everything has spiked in the last two or four weeks and we say everything, we are talking about assault weapons and small cal ber arms and hunting weapons. gun owners here and gun owners said in 2011 they sold 10 gun safes and in december of last
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year twen. they are seeing an increase and some are saying because they are concerned about stricter gun laws that could prevent ownership in the future. we spoke with the owners of gun day and he would stand his ground against the critic. >> this is not a reaction to newtown. so, the idea that they would choose and exploit that tragedy to push their legislation is what i find offensive. >> and the other side of the argument and what critics have said about gun ownership and gun appreciation day, it shows a tone deaf insensitivity coming so close to martin luther king jr. day and in the shadow of newtown, connecticut, harris. >> katherine reporting for us tonight. the drama in waington on a different issue. the nation's debt.
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we hit the ceiling and the government is using accounting tricks to pay the bills and top republican leaderships say they may vote in favor of a three month extension without requirements to cut government spending that. is according to eric cantor who said the vote could happen next week. it would mark a hudge about face for congressional republicans who said our government is addicted to spending . we turn to our new polling and show you most americans believe we have a spending problem. a whopping 83 percent said that government spending is out of control. compared to 62 percent in 2009 . majority of you scene percent favor raising the debt ceiling but the increase must be tied to major spending cuts. only 23 percent think it should be raised with no strings attached. that is what the republicans are considering. stay withs numbers just a
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moment now. we want to show you president obama will begin the second term with much less support than he had four years ago. the president's approval rating is 47 percent . 47 percent disapproving. compared to this time four years ago when his approval rating was 65 percent and only 16 percent disapproved. president obama kicking off three days of celebrating by encouraging people to volunteer. he himself put in work at washington elementary school as part of the national day of service. molly? >> harris we can talk about what the president said in the national day of service. it was a chance for people to look out for each other and work hard on behalf of each other. he said this to the happens of volunteers in the elementary school working to give it a make over. >> as i look around the room, i see friends from all over
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the country people who have just been great supporters of ours and more importantly, everybody here adults, to children, understand the importance of giving back. >> and the vice-president and his family also participated in the national day of service. they filled care packages for deployed servicemen and women . mr. biden said we need to know back at home to remember them. >> molly henenburg thank you. and at this hour a special enaugusteral ball for kids . >> look how young they are. the first lady and her daughters are taking part in the star-studdedentious vent. 5,000 children from mostly military and dc public schools are there . on the bill. katy perry and usher and nick cannon coming up. here we go.
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stay with fox news channel for full coverage of the nothing thaug this weekend. our special coverage will continue with bret baer. we'll go to that story that they were trying to pop up. search is on for a hit-and-run driver. somebody who kept going after knocking over an elderly right out of his wheelchair . the whole thing is caught on tape. the videotaped crime has the family members outraged . an assassination attempt on a lead are of a political movement. this is not a hoax. take a look. it's the time of year that we have all waited for. when we sit on the edge of our seats for four quarters. it represents players reaching a childhood dream. the biggest stage there is in sports. a time when legacies are made.
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>> new remarkings from irann on the nuclear ambition. the country delegate to the nuclear watch dogs said iran
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will not stop enriching uranium for a second. they want inspector to visit a military site. they suspect iran may have carried out nuclear trigger testing there. iran said they have not done that and they will not allow anyone to come and look. the west suspects that iran is working to create a nuclear weapon. iran said it is for peaceful purposes such as generating electricity. conor powell has more in the middle east bureau. >> talks between un and tehran failed to produce an agreement to end the long simmering feud between the international community and iran. iran's embassy - ambassador said they will not stopping enriching uranium for one second. this is their position . but with the tough economic sanctions in place, the u.s.
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and other countries hope they might sigical a willingness to negotiate and compromise. u.s. and international officials want to introduce a tough inspection regime to verify that claim which few believe. they want acess to the suspected nuclear weapon sites. iran conditions to refuse access. many diplomats think it is a stalling tactic designed to give iran time to enrich uranium and produce a bomb. >> canor, thank you. >> and major clean up. that is sand and all of that sand has to go somewhere. it is it a hardest hit area of super storm sandy. ev hemachinery is on the move . they are also there. an>>a. >> super storm landy left
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>> right now, police in dallas, texas is looking for a driver who hit a elderly man in the wheelchair and didn't stop. the whole thing caught on the restaurant surveillance camera. the 72 year old man is thrown to the street and narrowly missing a parked car . here it is close up . then you can see the red car hit him speeding away. he was not sourcely hurt but his grand daughter horrified by this.
7:24 pm
>> i don't know how people can be so heartless. i don't know why wouldn't stop to make sure to see if he was okay. >> you can imagine it is tough to get the license plate number when you are on the ground. police hope someone will recognize the car in the video and cact them. >> months after sandy caused devastation in the northeast clean up is a monumental task. sandy punched holes on the barrier island, this is long beach and now a lot of work is done to get the beach back in shape. ana? >> super storm sandy storm surge left behind 12-14 feet of sand in places. it is taking crews more than a month to pile up in what is mount sandy and they are using utility sites that resemble a over rown childs toy to get it
7:25 pm
cleaned. it is stock pile back on the shore line and that is about 10 million dollars. they whittled it down to two and a half. it was great it start to see the mountain go down. knowing that that means that the sand is ultimately getting cyst cleaned and back on the beach for our safety and security and so we have a great summer season. >> crews are sifting out wood and wiring and screws and working to tex with toxins. >> we are doing testing on the sand to see what kind of use we can get out of it. so far, so good. it is unrestricted use of the sand and we will put it back on the beach where we see fit. >> harris, the elevation of the beach, three feet lower than it has been leaving homes and businesses more vulnerable to storm surge.
7:26 pm
they had built a temporary barrier to get them through the nor'easter season. >> what are the long-term plans to get the beach back to normal? >> environmental argue that the strand needs to be rebuilt and optinizing the dune placement of wet lanand oyster bed. >> clean tup and put is it back. we are not doing a good job. we have to build them in a better way post sandy. >> public works officials tell me they will ask the feds for fund dredging and it could cost 30 to 40 million dollars. >> thank you very much. this man refused to be a victim and fighting off his attacker befe the others could get on the stage to come to his rescue . we'll testimony you what was
7:27 pm
go on here. high tech machines and catch the terrorist explosives . instead they made so many normal travelers uncomfortable because of what they reveal . now the tsa has a new plan for the body scanners. we'll tell you about it. >>'s lot of hard earned taxpayer money to go for theater security and not real security . we have to pay that price before we pay a huge price with another successful attack by terrorist. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you don't have to be a golf pro to walk like one. ♪ when you walk 10,000 steps a day, it's t same as walking professional golf course.
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a natural gas hostage situation in algeria is over. it ended days of siege there. americans are in that plant. we knew that . it costs lives . hostages kill some able to escape . some remain unaccounted for tonight and raising questions of how many people died there. president obama said he's been in constant contact and offering assistance necessary in the aftermath. >> gun stores and gun ranges packed today. thousands of proud gun owners taking part in gun appreciation day across the country. pro gun groups calling it a natural show of support for
7:32 pm
the second amendment and in response to the gun proposal seen as toughest in decades . helping to work on an elementary school in washington d.c. today. all part of the national day of service coiniciding on the same weekend as we move in the inaugural ball . a live look in the washington convention center and the first of the balls beginning with this one for children. ahead of the president's public inauguration attended by first lady obama and we understand that a whole slew of singers and katy perry will take the stage shortly, too. and new reaction to the transportation security administration to take controversial full body scanners out of our nation's airport. the machine produces graphic and detail would images will be a thing of the past. peter doocy has more from
7:33 pm
washington. >> harris, the tsa told the maker of the machines that took revealing photos to fix the soft wear so it looks leak cartoons than adults and congressman dated that all scanning machines need automatic target recognition or apr neck -a tech. they will see the faster through put and faster lane for traveler. tsa paid rapid scan 40 million for the machines and now rapid scan has to take them out at their own expense. >> your person can't be searched without a warnet and what they are doing and pulling back here is making something in line with the fourth amendment and not
7:34 pm
violation of people's rights. >> the republican congressman said he didn't know if the controversial machine worked . a host hard earned taxpayer money. >> tsa is going to use full body scanners that create generic images . the travelers can always opt out if they prefer a pat down, harris. >> all righty peter thank you. >> a massive confrontation playing out in egypt. it happened where several officers are on trial for allegedly killing protestor in the revolutionary uprising in 2011. it included the former security director. today's clash included activist and relatives of people killed and they were chanting outside of the courthouse. they are protesting the police
7:35 pm
brutality and no punishment in egypt. 300 meem were killed in the 18 day volt that ended with the fall of president hosni mubarak. >> our top story around the world in 80 seconds. france, that bus returning from the ski slopes and toppling over on a slip arey roadway. snow and ice may have made the driver lose control . 40 people on board. more than a dozen from russia . they were hurt. >> and bulgaria a man climbed on the podium and points a gun . the leader punches the gunman. other delegates tackled him and wrestled him to the ground.
7:36 pm
they arrested the gunman who had two knives on him. australia. cooler weather and bringing relief to firefighters and fighting flames in the southeast. more than 125 fires burning in new south wales . authorities believe that lightning started the newer fires. uk, the problem there, snow. stranding hundreds of passengers in heth row airport, airlines are cancelling flight. the lucky ones are the ones who slept in the airport. we loaded of a plan loaded with passengers sitting on the tarmag for hours. that is a wrap. in 80 seconds. >> pictures are eye popping. severe flooding predicted for indonesia as the death tollrose today. searchers pulled three bodies from the raging waters in western jakarta and bringing the confirmed number dead up .
7:37 pm
more tough weather in the forecast and raising the possibility of new flooding and adding to the crsis. a dike collapse swamping central jakarta. there is a silver lining to tell you about in northern carolina. kyacters taking advantage of the river. a five mile stretch that took two hours to paddle up and down is half an hour. they say the river doesn't get this high and they are excited about it last time it happened was five years ago . we'll look at the weather for the nation. meteorologist mariah molina. >> good to see you and we'll be tracking the cold air from canada to porgs in the upper midwest. in terps of storm systems to
7:38 pm
track over the couple of days a. it doesn't seem like much in the way of precipitation. we have cold temperatures and so cold we haven't seen these number in four years in places in the midwest in minnesota and wisconsin. already starting to see that. minneapolis, 42 degrees . 40s for the high temperature and looking colder for the next several days . 12 degrees was the higher temperature in fargo . minneapolis and duluth . monday, martin luther king jr. three below zero in minneapolis . len below zero in duluth. cold air will be heading to eastbound. cold temperatures in new york city as we head in to tuesday. we'll not make it out of the 20s. make sure your home is winterized in places in the dacotas and parts of minnesota. we don't have snow in porgs of
7:39 pm
north dakota. there is it a blizzard warning in affect but strong winds are blowing the snow . cold air means lake-effect snow. heads up in the great lakings, you will see couple of inches of accumulation in the next few days. >> type january in all capital letters now. >> reality check. >> it is it upon us. and thank you very much. a want to be robber tries to get the drop on the liquor store. i mean literally the drop. look at what happens. the rest of the video, you will have to stay put for . the beautiful valuable. is this a live look. this is live. i love this story. rare cars from all over the world all under one roof in arizona . put the brakes on that remote. motor head paradise coming up.
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>> the baseball world is mourning the loss of earl weaver known as the duke of earl passed away. he managed the baltimore orioles for 17 years and he was best known for fieriantics and throwing bases and kicking dirt and getting in the umps face. he was thrown out of 91 games that. is it a major league record and getting tossed from both games of a double header. antics aside, he was a winner and weaver passed away on an orioles fantasy cruise. he was 82. an avalanche takes the lives of two young boys. this is the first stop on the fox trip across america. >> utah, the brothers, ages 14
7:44 pm
and 8 were no mobiling the family when they drove over a hill side and sparking a avalanche that carried them to the creek. their parents found them buried under the snow and performed cpr. doctors were not able to save them. texas, a want to be robber broke more than he could steal when he fell through the liquor store ceiling. and he got away with booze, cigarettes and cash. california, an ngry homeowner getting his version of revenge on the tax man. upset in the 14,000 tax bill and the man paying most of it in change wheeling in nickels and dimes. >> i had to borrow money and missing a few payments .
7:45 pm
my grand kids piggy bank my daughter's piggy banks and my mon yechange and a lot of people offered to help. >> the clerk surprised to say the least but accepted it after counting it. pennsylvania. penguins on parade. stars of the show waddling their way past crowds of curious family. >> she was excite we ran all the way here. >> they were wademing aroundd and they will do this every weekend through february. >> that's the fox watch in america. car lovers from all over putting the pedal to the medal and racing to scottsdale, arizona . you have to go there to get the coolest cars . it is it best to steer clearr of the auctioneer who i understand is going crazy right now .
7:46 pm
auctioning in full speed. i could listen to that all day. they will pick up that for his wife. their anniversary. good bless them. >> sale of the hot wheels expected to raise millions and going to good causes. hottest place on earth for a hot car. >> hey, there, harris. joining me as clark gables 1955 mersedes is any to go for two million. currently at 1.9 million and that's serse - bidding . we are hoping any second it will happen. that is millions made today. we passed the 50 million dollar mark harris and i think it is about to go we'll see.
7:47 pm
we think 1.9 and we'll let you know. the amount of money that is spent here, harris is indictative of what people say is bounce back coming up in the economy. >> listen to (auctioneering) >> it is the prices that ratchet up. >> people are looking to what they put their money into . cars outperformed the stock market and my portfolio is in cars. >> it returns 11 percent . outstripping wall street. the week long auction, this year will register a billion in lines of credit. the iconic models like the 1968 green hornet to expected to go for four million . bat man and super hero to be found. >> they had in the script.
7:48 pm
i said well, if you are going to have pow, bang . oil squirs. i am going to have the car perform and act like it. >> this is what i had them to do. the car became a star. >> the action continues right through saturday night . now we are hearing that the 1968 green hornet goes for five million and clark gables car. in the end 1.9 million . extraordinarily exciting time and we'll see the 2014 corvette and the first model off of the production line. vin 000 1. someone will pay millions for that. that is extraordinary. i was excited to hear you say holy hub cap bat man. you said cars and openership and process of selling them
7:49 pm
outperformed wall street. yeah, chutely and return on these cars can be 11 percent f. you look at what happened in the stock market in receipt years because of the down turn, it is an incredible return on investment. you have to pay money for a return like that. these are classic cars and you are looking at an investment 200,000 before you get that return. but compare that with a mutual fund . a lot of people doing that now. >> dominic thank you very good to see you tonight. and the fight over our nation's government spend nothing washington. far from the only money battle going on right now. they are smaller all be it showdowns playing out. we'll tell you about one that is leaving thousands of children stranded in the middle . those pythons are wreaking
7:50 pm
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>> it is it a fight over how we get government spending under control. citis and states have the problem. many are fighting with city borker unions and redoing of contracts to keep the cities running. for example here in new york city. city leaders and the union members of the school bus are at it the city want to bid it out to private companies .
7:54 pm
the union wants job security manage that the city cannot legally afford or guarantee their strike began and forcing 150,000 kids to find a different way to get to and from school. all of those children could face tough commutes should they not be able to work this out. we'll keep you posted. hundreds of adventure hunters are on the prowl in florida. their hunt is the python. bill keating is on the hunt, too. >> it didn't take long for john to see evidence of a big snack. a fresh python trail thew our mutty path. >> i would love to haul him in. >> shoot it or cut it. >> shoot it first and then we'll remove the head. i don't trust them. i prefethem to know they are
7:55 pm
dead. >> a 13 footer was the what they wanted to challenge. more than 800 registered on line. each with blood lust. >> it is a 12 gauge and machete. more than 20 pythons were captured and/or kid. dave bagged two with his hands. we have to get them out of the everglade and hopefully humanely as possible. >> got me. and if you are not as playoff as dave. state wild life recommend putting a bullet through the brain. >> the python challenge rules that you kill it with one shot. any python turned in, in more than two pieces is
7:56 pm
disqualified. who ever catches the most wins $1500. longest snake gets you a thousand dollar prize. u.s. senator bill nelson who initiated the python ban. 17 feet and seveninchings. >> 17 footer out here. i would panic a bit seeing it by myself. it would be sweet. >> killing pythons is your business. business is good in florida. in the everglades, phil keating with fox newings. >> a reunion 70 years in the making, next. pigskin and thread. but for most of us it represents something more. it's the time of year that we have all waited for. when we sit on the edge of our seats for four quarters. it represents players reaching a childhood dream. the biggest stage there is in sports. a time when legacies are made. where a magical play can happen every snap, and you remember exactly where you were when it does.
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